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    We will bring sea to your table

    La Marée was founded in 1989 and has been a reliable supplier of live and chilled seafood, exclusive food products for restaurants, hotels, gastronomic boutiques and supermarkets in Moscow and other Russian cities ever since. The company delivers to Moscow a wide range of high-quality fish products and delicacies (more than 140-170 tons per month) from all over the world by land and air. In addition, La Marée offers a wide range of exclusive gastronomic products from the world’s leading brands: a large assortment of chilled poultry and foie gras from France, fresh white and black truffles from Italy, Spanish Jamon, exquisite French, Spanish and Italian artisanal cheeses, dark chocolate, Italian and Spanish extra virgin olive and nut oil… Our products will fascinate the most fastidious gourmets! The newest product imported to Russia by La Marée exclusively is the Tunisian grey wine.

    For 20 years La Marée has been working with more than two dozen countries and has its representative offices in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Sochi as well as a separate business in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The company aims primarily at supplying the Russian seafood, equal or better in quality than imported analogues, to the central regions of Russia.

    La Marée, a vertically integrated company, is a winner of many prestigious Russian and international awards. Several times it has been awarded the title of the best supplier of seafood in Russia, which only confirms the high quality of its service and products.

    Mehdi Douss

    The president of La Marée. Mr Mehdi Douss: PHD, the Order of Agricultural Merit winner (issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood, and Forestry of France), the owner of La Marée restaurants.
    Mr Mehdi Douss was born in Tunisia. In the times of USSR he studied at MADI in Moscow, majoring in bridge and tunnels construction, and completed his postgraduate studies. Monsieur Mehdi Douss is a well-known specialist in the restaurant business, the owner of La Marée restaurants, an expert in the international gastronomy and seafood.

    Three facts about Monsieur Mehdi:

    1. The real profession of Mr Medi is neither restaurant business nor fish trade: since 1988 he runs a lumber company. He's a food lover; his passion is to cook for his friends, so the hobby became a real business. La Marée was established in 1989: the company was delivering fresh seafood first to Moscow and then throughout Russia. The first batch of chilled fish, a box with twenty kilograms of John Dory, was delivered from Tunisia, Monsieur Mehdi's homeland: he personally met it at the airport and took it to Jean Bernard in his Lada Samara "Eight". The company evolved gradually, gathering pace year after year, expanding the geography of the supplying countries and increasing the assortment.

    2. The first La Marée restaurant in Moscow opened in 2004 on Petrovka as the company's show-window, so that the customer entering in the fish shop could see live langoustines, lobsters and Kamchatka crabs in the aquariums, and more fresh fish still smelling of the seawater from 49 seas and 25 countries in the vitrines. Since then fourteen years have passed, and now La Marée chain includes six restaurants: four in Moscow, one in St. Petersburg and one in Monte Carlo (Monaco).

    3. The opening of the first La Marée restaurant on Petrovka was an absolutely unprecedented event for both Moscow and Russia as a whole. Monsieur Mehdi was eager to create a good restaurant with fresh, fine products and simple cuisine, so he created a unique concept combining all the best solutions but not relying on any specific example. His main life principles, professionalism and discipline (or rather discipline in the first place and professionalism in the second one), have become the main foundation for La Marée restaurants to become yet another one of his successful projects.

    Abdessattar Zitouni

    The kitchen of La Marée Catering, as well as the kitchen of the restaurants, is headed by Abdessattar Zitouni, a Tunisian who has been working in the restaurant business for more than forty years.

    He speaks seven languages, so he was managing kitchens in many countries: for example, the kitchens in a five-star hotel in Venezuela and in the famous “Hilton”, “Holiday Inn” and “Four Seasons” in Canada. He also prepared a wedding banquet for Celine Dion and organized banquets for the first statesmen. We are very proud of the menu of La Marée Catering which reflects the amazing travel experiences of Mr Zitouni: having travelled through half of the world, he loves and knows the recipes of many national dishes. So, the guests of our restaurants can order equally impeccably cooked Italian carpaccio and pasta, French fricassee and bouillabaisse, Portuguese salted cod Bacalhau, Asian sashimi, rolls and tempura and, of course, ukha and pozharsky cutlets.

    Zitouni's favorite is Mediterranean cuisine. He believes that the main thing in any dish is its freshness, minimal amount of thermal processing and the authentic taste of the product. Zitouni loves to work with seafood and always tries to enhance its natural properties. One of his favorite dishes is crudo: a fresh raw fish lightly splashed with a sauce made of olive oil and lemon juice. Along with the classic methods of cooking seafood (steamed, cooked on the grill or in a shell of sea salt, in Spanish style a la plancha), the chef cooks fish in Tunisian style using special spices. Zitouni can prepare any delicacy like a master: for example, he fries foie gras on a grill with a warm candy quince. For the brilliant treatment of this delicacy, the English press called Zitouni "the king of foie gras".

    Pavel Maslov

    Pavel Maslov has been working in the company since the opening of the first La Marée restaurant on Petrovka in 2004, and now he is the chef of La Marée restaurant in Zhukovka, La Marée Catering and the catering service for private aviation as well. He participated in all the opening ceremonies of La Marée restaurants in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Monaco.

    Under the guidance of Eric Le Provos he worked as a chef at Le Duc, a French cuisine restaurant, and developed his career further under the guidance of Jerome Kustiamis, David Hemmerlet and Konstantin Ivlev in different restaurants in Moscow: “Boulevard”, “White Square”, “Angelo” and “Cristal Room Baccarat”. He's been taking part in premium level gala dinners.

    Various events were brilliantly held under his leadership, including festive dinner parties with the participation of top statesmen, the dinner for Alain Ducasse at the high sea cuisine restaurant La Marée in St. Petersburg and the gala dinner in honor of the presentation "Gray Goose Interpreted by Ducasse".